Selina Silvas


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Strategy • Product • Leadership • 100% Human

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Things I've Made.

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What I do.


Solving real problems for real people.

Audience Discovery • Opportunity Insights • Roadmapping


Shaping an idea, then building it.

UX Design • Visual Design • Collaboration


Sharing what I know—learning from what I don’t.

Advocate • Mentor • Team-Builder

Since 2010

Mutual Mobile • Embark Vet • ReturnSafe • First Dollar

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To uncover the curious connections between humanity and technology so that we are inspired to dig deeper into experiences outside of our own.

Product Design

Finding the sweet spot and then building it.

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Design Strategist

Developing innovative strategies by solving real problems for real people.
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Design Leadership

Sharing what I know and learning from what I don't.

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